Parishville Museum

The house which contains Parishville's history, artifacts and archives was built around 1850 and was owned by the Bartlett family.  Nathan W. Bartlett joined the Civil War.  However, due to exposure and illness contracted, he came home a semi-invalid and was never able to do much manual work.  Bartlett became a lawyer and was admitted to the bar in 1877, settled in his home in the town of Parishville and married Jennie Cook.  He passed away in 1897 and she moved her two children to Potsdam. The son later became a Baptist minister.

Jennie sold their home to Pliny Clark about 1898 and he had it completely remodeled and brought his new wife, Eva Cole, home to this beautiful home in the year 1900. Stanley Shepherd was the carpenter that did all of the fancy work on the house.  (Complete Text)

(Above) The entire collection of hand-carved circus miniatures, donated to the museum from the late Parishville Center resident/carver Everett Frederick,
is on display at Parishville Museum.

(Left) A series of four wall panels gives museum visitors a quick view of milestones in Parishville history.

(Below) Parishville-Hopkinton marching band uniform (red), and bass drum from the 1970s.




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